Entrepreneurship & Private Sector Development

The private sector is a major driver of economic growth. To promote the development of the private sector as a viable source of income and employment, KS Global Research is always ready for the provision of business training and informational support to current and future private sector actors, increasing opportunities for business, and developing business support organizations, partnerships and professional networks. To continue making progress on development issues, lessons need to be learned from the efforts made during previous decades. Several critical questions must be answered, including the following:

  • How the new projects be initiated which can reduce the poverty?
  • How can governments and NGOs work together to ensure that gains continue to be made?
  • How can funds be allocated to the projects with the highest impact?
  • How can aid organizations ensure that they are operating with the highest effectiveness and efficiency?

KS Global Research development work spans the globe, targeting poverty, nutrition, water and sanitation, financial inclusion for the poor, and the impact of the environment on poverty by establishing linkages with different organizations and different financial institutions that provides fund for entrepreneurs.