KS Global Research always believes in collaboration and integrated efforts. In line with this strategy KS Global Research collaborates with stakeholders from public & private sector organizations, Governments, international donor’s community and developmental institutions and not for profit organizations to impart the activities for developing society as and when required. Leadership Pioneers, Oman is strategic partner of KS Global Research in Oman. Both the organizations strives their best to impart training's/workshops/seminars/investment conferences/symposiums/exhibitions/expo/educational fairs in Oman. Our portfolio of services is diversified in Oman.


  • Research comprises "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including..
  • Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful  ..
  • KS Global Research welcomes you all to the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Multidisciplinary Research ...
  • An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice,  ..


KS Global Research SDN BHD is an international consulting firm registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia. A team of enthusiastic and intellectual researchers established this firm with a vision of promoting research culture and education equality amongst people. With the head office in Malaysia, we currently have our offices in USA, Australia, Oman and Pakistan.


KS Global Research is committed to deliver unique set of tailored consultancy services to organizations, people and businesses , based upon concrete research; well tested and practiced, result oriented and focused towards its core requirements. While utilizing our core competencies and knowledge, KS Global Research strives to become leading firm in promoting education and research culture across the globe.


KS Global Research acts as a catalyst to bring positive change for its clients, our people and for overall society. KS Global Research aims to facilitate its clients from public, private and not for profit sectors in all regions of the world to address their key issues and critical challenges and develop them for the benefits of society.

KS Global Research is committed to:

  • Create competitive advantage for its clients through partnerships and collaborations.
  • Providing avenues of growth for its clients
  • To promote research culture by providing opportunities to the researchers to exhibit and share their knowledge